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Information for new starters:

British Kendo Association

BKA Membership form

A guide to dojo étiquette.

Beginners Guide to Kendo
(Holt sensei)

Beginners guide to Refereeing
(Holt sensei)

The elements of Yuko Datotsu

Parts of the shinai

The Kendo uniform

The names of Kendo armour parts.

Kihon Kata

Nihon Kendo Kata - demonstration on You Tube

Paying your Dojo fees:

Adults £5 per week paid either every 3 months or yearly
Juniors £3 per week paid every 12 weeks.

Bank details:

Gloucestershire Kendo Club

Lloyds Bank PLC
High Street, Cheltenham.

Account number: 309187 0271001 02
Training times and costs:

Community & University sections: £5:00 per session (Community only)

We train on a Monday night between 8:00pm & 10:pm throughout the year. When the University students are on holiday we train from 7:00pm.

Junior section: £3:00 per session (Paid termly)

We train on a Monday night between 7:00pm & 8:00pm during school term time only.

You can easily find us on the campus by using the map below, or clicking here: map

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