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The junior section of Gloster Kendo Club caters for all children and teenagers from the age of 7 years up to 18 years of age.

If you think that you might like the martial art of kendo then please come along to a session on any Thursday (During term time) between 7:00pm & 8:00pm.

It is usually accepted as good manners to make contact with the teacher before you attend and you can do this by clicking here, or visiting us at the dojo the week before you intend starting your training.. This is so that our junior section coach can determine where in the class structure you are likely to fit in, and of course - to give you the all important safety talk.

You can find us at the Oxstalls Campus of the University of Gloucester, Oxstalls Lane, and you can also see a map of the campus by visiting the 'Get in touch' page or by clicking here.

Any equipment that you might require to begin your training can be loaned from the club until you purchase your own, which you can do by visiting one of the websites on our 'Links' page.

You might also want to take a look at the following resources:

'Beginners Guide to Kendo' by the late Mr. T. Holt Sensei 7th Dan.

Description of the requirements for each of the kyu grades

BKA Membership form

A guide to dojo étiquette.

The elements of Yuko Datotsu

Parts of the shinai

The Kendo uniform

The names of Kendo armour parts.

Kihon Kata

Nihon Kendo Kata - demonstration on You Tube

A few pages for colouring if you wish to:
Bogu colouring page

labelled bogu colouring page

Hakama & keikogi


You can find out more about kendo by visiting the British Kendo Association website at:

Our dojo fees are £3:00 per session and this is usually paid termly, at the start of the term. There will be other fees that you will have to pay for insurance purposes and you can find out about these by clicking here.

The term dates for 2018 - 2019 can be viewed here

Please note that the dojo fees are now £3:00 per session, payable on a termly basis. For example, this means that term 1 (September 11th to October 20th) will require dojo fees of £18 as it is 6 weeks long.

Term 1 - 6 weeks = £18
Term 2 - 6 weeks = £18
Term 3 - 5 weeks = £15
Term 4 - 6 weeks = £ 18
Term 5 - 6 weeks = £18 - Week beginning Monday May 7th - training will be on Wednesday May 9th due the the Monday Bank Holiday.
Term 6 - 8 weeks = £ 24

Please make payments to:

Gloucestershire Kendo Club

Lloyds Bank PLC
High Street, Cheltenham.

Account number: 309187 0271001 02

Please note: The last junior training session of the year will be on July 23rd 2018

It would be very helpful if parents/guardians could pay the dojo fees promptly at the start of the term as we have to pay the University for the hire of the hall on a monthly basis and this would help to make the payments run a little smoother.

The safety of our students is paramount to us. Our junior section instructor is a qualified BKA coach and a CRB (DBS) checked retired school teacher.

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