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On this page you will find a basic description of the things that you need to learn and understand for each of the kyu grade levels.

Please note that this is not a definitive breakdown of the elements required for each kyu grade but that it is merely a guide.This guide only applies to those practicing kendo who are below the age of 18 years.
6th Kyu

Understand reigi
Wear hakama & keikogi correctly
Draw & replace sword properly in sonkyo. Display reasonable chudan
Show okuriashi, ayumiashi, suriashi, & fumikomi
Perform Kihon ichi with proper seme & arm swing.

5th Kyu

Perform Kihon ichi & ni as for 6th kyu
Put on tare and dou correctly
Describe what a safe shinai is, & explain what you examine on the shinai when you check it
Perform kirikaeshi & show that you understand the sequence correctly.
Explain what ki-ken-tai means, & what makes Yuko datotsu

4th Kyu

Peform Kihon ichi, ni, san, yon, & go
Wear full bogou properly
Show proper chudan in bogou with feet parallel, left heel off the ground. Hold the shinai correctly. Good posture with head up & no slouching.
Perform kirikaeshi maintaining good posture, with a good kiai, with left hand lifting above the face.
Give and receive the first 3 Kihon in full bogou, showing correct etiquette, fumikomi, zanshin, & stepping to the side if you are the receiver.

3rd Kyu

Perform the first 5 Kihon on both sides. Show an understanding of shikake waza & Oji waza
Dress properly in full bogou without help
Perform uchikomigeiko while demonstrating good kiai, balance, distance, & lack of hesitation in most actions. Show good ki ken tai in most cuts.
Give and receive kirikaeshi with fellow students showing good rhythm when you are kakarite & showing good distance when receiving.
Perform keiko with fellow students, showing good reigi & attacking spirit.

2nd Kyu

Show excellent reigi
Perform all 9 Kihon, both sides, to good standard with correct posture, footwork, kiai, and left hand above head.
Perform kirikaeshi (Give & receive) demonstrating ki-ken-tai.
Perform uchikomigeiko with good spirit & kiai.
Perform kakaregeiko with good spirit & kiai.
Perform keiko with adult motodachi &/or fellow students, showing good posture & control.
Perform Nihon Kata ichi, ni, san
Take part in shiai with fellow students. Scoring men twice, showing good zanshin and sutemi. Demonstrate shikakewaza and ojiwaza.
Demonstrate an understanding of Yuko datotsu.

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